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Internal Flush


The First Step to weight loss is cleansing & detoxifying

Set yourself up for success right from the start. Find out why other weight loss programs have failed you, and why INTERNAL FLUSH® with the Let's Get Real Diet & Exercise Program is guaranteed to work. No matter what diet or weight loss program you're on or considering, TAKE INTERNAL FLUSH® FIRST for more effective results.

Internal Flush® is an extremely safe and effective diet and cleansing product. It was the original diet cleansing product, paving the way for competitors. These competitors released products mimicking Internal Flush® but their formulations were not safe and not researched effectively. With numerous new products coming and going, Internal Flush® is still the #1 selling diet product in Canada*. This is possible because people know the product is SAFE. Internal Flush has never caused injury or been recalled by the FDA or Health Canada.
  • Remove waste & toxins
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve overall health